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Tree Removal in Apple Valley

When a tree has to be removed from your property, it is because that tree is either in poor health or it poses a safety risk. Shouldn’t the arborist removing your unwanted tree not compromise your home or property’s safety? We think so.

Licensed, bonded, and fully insured, Arbor Barber Inc. are Apple Valley’s most sought-after tree cutters. If there’s a tree on your lawn that needs to be removed, don’t hesitate to call us.

Tree Removal Services in Apple Valley

It can be difficult for the average home or property owner to determine just when a tree needs to be removed. Sometimes a tree might appear to be decaying when it is actually just changing with the seasons. Other times, only one large tree limb might be a liability.

Apart from having 20 years of professional experience in tree care, we are also lifetime members of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture.

It is through our deep-rooted obsession with trees that we’ve learned not just how to chop down trees, but how to properly care for them. Rather than tree cutters, we like to think of ourselves more as tree surgeons.

This knowledge ensures that we’ll never misdiagnose problems. If only a portion of your tree is at-risk of decaying and falling onto your property, we might suggest only removing the affected limb. If we notice an old tree stump on your property that is sucking up your soil’s nutrients and attracting unwanted pests, we will likely suggest removing the entire stump!

Is there an old tree on your property that is making you feel uneasy? Are there some tree limbs that hang dangerously close to a power line? Keep on the safe side and call the tree surgeons at Arbor Barber Inc..

Emergency Tree Removal Services

When a sudden storm or unexpected collision damages a tree on your property, you can’t wait until next week for someone to come and safely cut it down. You need a tree company who can be there quickly, ready to give you all their attention and use all their best tools to help you. Without immediate assistance, a minor nuisance can quickly branch off into a major catastrophe.

But not when you call us. Our years of experience ensures that we’ll always know the correct course of action when dealing with your tree troubles—even in the most high-stress scenarios. We’ll come to your property, assess the damage, and tend to your tree accordingly.

What’s more, we’ll even remove the felled tree or its broken limbs from your property. While many arborists might be equipped to cut down a tree or trim its branches, few possess the manpower to literally remove the tree from your premises. As a full-service team of arborists, we think it’s the least we can do.

Leading Tree Removal Company in Apple Valley

Is a tree in your front yard showing signs of decay? Is there a tree blocking your garden’s much-needed sunlight? Call the arborists at Arbor Barber Inc. today to request our services.