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Tree Trimming in Burnsville

Why Hiring an Arborist for Tree Trimming is Essential

Many Burnsville residents love the trees that sway gently next to their homes or businesses. Trees clean the air we breathe, reduce pollution, and provide a shady spot away from the sun to relax or read a book under. Trees have so many benefits!

But what many people living in Burnsville fail to realize is that trees don’t only bring benefits for us, but they also have needs of their own. In elementary school you probably learned that they need sunlight and water and good soil to function. But for both cosmetic reasons and for the health of the trees, they also need regular tree trimming and pruning!

At Arbor Barber Inc., trees are our business and our livelihood. So we’ve put together this little guide to some of the most common questions about tree trimming we’ve heard Burnsville residents ask. Take a look below!

Why Does My Tree Need Trimming? Won’t it Grow Just Fine on its Own?

Without regular tree trimming, young and developing branches lose nutrients to the older thicker branches. These older branches block out light to new growth not only on the tree itself but can also prevent nearby plants from getting the sunlight they need! If a tree goes too long without trimming, old branches grow heavy. As soon as a heavy rain or strong winds come, the branch snaps. That causes injury to property and even people and animals. If a tree is too overgrown with old and weakened branches, the tree can even die.

Can I Do My Own Tree Trimming?

Did you know that being an arborist is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States? That’s right. Safety statistics show that cutting down or trimming trees carries a significant risk of danger to even trained professionals with years of experience. The big danger? Falling. Obviously, trees can grow to some pretty impressive heights. And while everyone working at Arbor Barber Inc. uses safety gear, the average homeowner may not be so lucky. If you’re thinking about stepping onto a ladder to wield pruning shears above your head as you try to dodge falling clippings, think again.

Because that isn’t the only risk. Another serious cause of injury in tree trimming is electrocution. Hidden power lines snake through trees all the time. Be very careful where you aim that saw.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

It all depends on the sort of work required. Felling a tree involves a lot more labor and risk than tree pruning, so we charge accordingly. Stump removal falls somewhere in the middle. If you have a large property with a lot of trees (lucky you!), the cost will be higher. But for most Burnsville residents, Arbor Barber Inc.’s expert tree trimming service costs less than buying pruning shears, a ladder, and safety equipment would!

Who Should I Call?

If you’re looking for the best tree services company in Burnsville, look no further than Arbor Barber Inc.. From trimming to pruning to stump removal, we do it all. Call us today!